Pastor Clifton Bennett

The Apostasy of Marriage

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Desiring a spouse, how prepared are you? Has marriage become a prison for you? Whether you're suffering in it, or been delivered out of it, the real question remains... Has your healing began?

Many couples experience a variety of abuses in their marriages! So much so that abusive actions are being accepted as common or normal behavior. I believe this stems from the misconception of part of the marriage vow "For Better or For Worse"

“Do you, Felicia, take Donald to be your lawful wedded husband, and do you promise to love him in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse?” He . . . Nah! Maybe this part of the vow should read “for good times or for hard times.” It appears this statement would be much easier to relate to instead of “for better or for worse.” The phrase “for better or for worse” seems to imply that we should accept whatever things or circumstances are presented to us in our marriage, and it has often been taken literally and misunderstood in the wedding vow ceremony. I have gathered a good amount of statistics from different ethnic groups concerning the comprehension of the term “for better or for worse.” Most of them viewed this term to mean that through it all I must do whatever it takes to make my marriage last. Well, let’s explore this.

With marriages already struggling from the pressures of the world and life itself, the last thing you’d expect would be for your safest, most peaceable, restful, comfortable, and reassuring place of habitation (that is, your union of marriage) to become another device or arena to help destroy you. If a marriage has become a place of harm or an ill-will arena, why would anyone want to go there for comfort and strength, let alone dwell there?

If your marriage has reached a level of unhappiness, The Apostasy of Marriage is the turning point you’ve been looking for. Designed as a resource and guide for men and women alike, Pastor Bennett’s reflections and summations will help you understand the critical questions and address issues that plague many marriages:

What principles did God establish for marriage?

What are the boundaries of marriage, and how does crossing these boundaries impact my relationship with my spouse?

What are some of the common abuses that occur during a marriage, and can the damage from these abuses be repaired?

The danger of “Stacking Chips” in your marriage.

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